EU Referendum Debates

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The EU Debates: National Referendum Specials

EU Referendum – The Great DebateDavid Dimbleby, Mishal Husain and Emily Maitlis present the biggest debate of the EU referendum campaign live from the SSE Arena in Wembley, London.

How Should I Vote? – The EU DebateLive from Glasgow, Victoria Derbyshire hosts a debate on the issues that matter to younger voters ahead of the June referendum on whether or not Britain should remain in the EU.

Cameron and Farage – The EU ReferendumJulie Etchingham presents a live hour-long programme in which David Cameron and Nigel Farage will in turn answer questions from a studio audience in London.

The Telegraph – EU Referendum DebateBoris Johnson and Priti Patel faced off against Alex Salmond and Liz Kendall for a 90 minute debate. Hosted by the Telegraph and Huffington Post UK the panel discussed Europe and a potential Brexit.

The ITV Referendum DebateTwo-hour live debate ahead of the most significant UK referendum in recent history. Three senior political figures from each side answer questions from members of the audience.

Victoria Derbyshire – The EU DebateVictoria Derbyshire hosts an EU referendum debate live from Manchester with an audience of 150 voters and senior politicians.

EU Vote – Questioning the ExpertsProfessor Anand Menon and Will Moy take questions from some undecided voters on whether the UK should remain in the European Union or opt to leave.

EU Referendum – What You Need to KnowWill Moy from Full Fact, a group fact checking the referendum claims of the Leave and Remain campaigns, and Professor Anand Menon who is the director of the Kings College group “UK in a changing Europe” both joined Victoria to get to find out more.

EU Referendum Debate – Scotland DecidesJoin Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU Referendum means for Scotland.

BBC Wales EU Referendum Debate Live debate in which representatives from the two campaigns face tough questions on how a possible exit from the EU may impact Wales.

EU Referendum Debate – Northern Ireland Decides: June 23rd is EU referendum day, a day to decide on whether the UK remains in the European Union or leaves it. The EU Referendum – Northern Ireland Decides is a special live TV debate to help you make up your mind.

Better In or Out – Regional Referendum Specials

A BBC London News Referendum SpecialWith less than two weeks before the European referendum, Jeremy Vine brings top politicians and business leaders face to face with an audience to debate the future of London.

A BBC Points West Referendum SpecialDavid Garmston hosts a special debate on the EU Referendum, hearing the arguments for a vote to remain or leave from a panel of experts.

A BBC Look North Referendum SpecialAn audience from across the North East and Cumbria joins Carol Malia to discuss the impact of the EU referendum.

A BBC Look East Referendum SpecialA special programme exploring the arguments for and against remaining in the EU, as a studio audience challenge politicians and experts about the key problems facing them.

A BBC East Midlands Today Referendum SpecialKen Clarke MP, Andrew Bridgen MP and MEPs Roger Helmer and Glenis Willmott join Dominic Heale and a regional audience in a debate about the EU referendum.

A BBC Noth West Tonight Referendum SpecialRoger Johnson debates the issues that matter to voters across the region ahead of the European Union referendum.

A BBC South East Today Referendum SpecialPolly Evans speaks to some of the country’s leading figures in the Vote Leave and Vote Remain camps ahead of the upcoming EU referendum.

A BBC South Today Referendum SpecialLeading figures from the Leave and Remain campaigns debate the issues around the EU referendum in front of a studio audience.

A BBC Midlands Today Referendum SpecialMary Rhodes presents as leading figures from the Leave and Remain campaigns in the west Midlands debate the issues around the EU referendum in front of a studio audience.

A BBC Look North Referendum SpecialHarry Gration and an audience from across Yorkshire look at key issues ahead of the EU referendum, getting answers from politicians and campaigners on both sides of the argument.

A BBC Look North Referendum SpecialTim Iredale hosts a debate with an audience from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, and local experts on whether the area would be better off in or out of the European Union.



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