Your Vote Matters


Tomorrow up to 46 million eligible voters will go to the polls to answer the question: “Should the UK remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?”. In light of tomorrow’s significance, we have suspended our updates for this week and aim to prepare a special issue on the outcome of the referendum.

Britain Stronger In Europe campaign in London last weekend – Public domain.

Turnout will be crucial. Below 50% and the referendum will be probably ‘lost’; above 60% and the referendum will probably be ‘won’. Ultimately, turnout amongst young votes may be the deciding factor, thus we at Young Europeans Network would like to urge everyone who has registered, especially the millennial generation, to make sure to get out there and make their voices heard in this once-in-a-lifetime referendum. There will be no second chance. A ‘Leave’ vote would represent a revolution in British politics with huge long-term consequences.

Our group of contributing authors hold different nationalities from all over the EU, including the UK. The thread that unites us all is the time we spent studying in the UK’s excellent higher education institutions; something most of us could only afford by virtue of our shared EU membership. This blog was born in London and our first meetings took place on Kingsway. As a result, we all appreciate the importance and value the UK adds to the EU.

Although we are unequivocally pro-European we do not claim it to be perfect. Significant reforms are needed but these can only come about if the UK remains a key actor within the EU. It is much better to tackle the collective problems of climate change, rising nationalism and the refugee crisis together than it is to go it alone. By disseminating opinions and political analysis on EU policy-making and EU affairs, we also hope to promote discourse and debate, particularly among the millennial generation, who will be most affected by the result of tomorrow’s referendum.

We therefore urge all those who can, to vote for the UK to remain in the European Union. We firmly believe that the UK would find itself worse off in almost every policy area outside of the EU, and that the EU would also suffer in the case of a British exit.

The Young European Network Team.


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