Who We Are

Young Europeans Network is a group of university students and recent graduates all interested in politics. From the perspective of the millennial generation, we provide political comment and analysis in an easy-to-read style.

We are committed to hosting and inspiring debate, and so often publish controversial viewpoints not shared by the majority of the team.

Although nominally based in London, our authors live across a number of different countries and come from a range of backgrounds.


Gabriella ATKINS: Born in the United Kingdom, Gabriella speaks French and English and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Law at Bristol BPP University. She is sceptical about the European Union in the truest meaning of the word, fostered by an education in History and English at the University of Oxford.
Areas of interest: European Law, Climate Change and History and Culture of Europe.

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Fiona GESKES: Fiona is both British and German by birth, and a convinced European. She read a B.A in Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway before reading an M.A in European Public Policy at King’s College London, and has an unhealthy obsession with American politics.
Areas of interest: Foreign and Defence Policy. (Twitter: @FionaGeskes).

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Jasmin HARPER: Jasmin hails from Reston, Virginia and is of American and British origins. She read a B.A. in French & Francophone Studies and Global Studies with a concentration in European Studies at the College of William & Mary in Virginia before reading an M.A. in European Studies at King’s College London.
Areas of interest: European Politics and European Neighbourhood Policy. (Twitter: @JasminDHarper)

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Sarah HARVEY-KELLY: Born in Germany to British and Irish parents, Sarah has lived in Europe all her life and was educated in the European Schools of Varese, Luxembourg and Brussels. Whilst her background has made her a strong supporter of the European Union she remains somewhat sceptical. Sarah studied B.Sc in Psychology at the University of Reading and an M.Sc in Global Health at Maastricht University. She now works in EU Public Affairs, having previously worked in the European Commission.
Areas of interest: Public Policy and Migration.

Alex Ireland Profile

Alex IRELAND: Born to English and Scottish parents in London, Alex identifies as wholly British. He graduated last year from a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the University of Oxford, and is now living in China short-term whilst on a British Council scholarship to learn Mandarin Chinese. In September he will return to the UK to begin work with the Civil Service.
Areas of interest: Middle Eastern Politics, International Security, Extremism.


Danaë LAZARIBorn in Athens to Greek and Irish parents, Danaë has managed to remain largely pro-European. Before doing her Masters in European Public Policy at King’s College London, she read a B.A in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin. Danaë is bilingual by birth, and multilingual (French, Italian and Japanese) by experience. Having lived in Japan for two years, she has now moved back to Dublin for work.
Areas of interest: Matters of EU foreign policy and the Greek Crisis (Twitter: @danae_lazari).

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Louis VIS: Although born in Belgium and educated at the European School in Brussels, Louis has dual Franco-British nationality. It is therefore unsurprising he feels strongly European. Having read a B.A. in Geography at the University of Sheffield and a Masters in European Studies at King’s College London, he now lives and works in Bristol. He is now doing a PGCE in Geography at the University of Oxford.
Areas of interest: Euroscepticism, European Politics and Migration. (Twitter: @louis_vis1).


Kirsten WILLIAMSKirsten is British by birth yet has a passion for all things German and French, having lived in both Berlin and Paris during her higher education. She holds a B.A in French and German from the University of Leeds and has just finished  reading a M.A in European Studies at King’s College London. Having worked in Brussels for a few months, she is now living  in the United Kingdom again.
Areas of interest: Human and National Security. (Twitter: @kirstenw20).



All work is strictly the author’s own, and represents neither the views of this website as a whole, nor those of the organisations that they work for.